Steer Your Retirement in the Right Direction with Members Alliance

Clients Andy and Michelle came to meet Members Alliance in early June 2012. Andy and Michelle owned their own home outright (which is fantastic) and had two investment properties. However they had been a little blasé since paying off their home, and had not put a plan in place for retirement. In the conversations and meetings with Members Alliance, Andy and Michelle realised they were going to have a short fall of over $1 million in retirement, as they wanted to maintain their current lifestyle when they retired of $100,000 a year income.

Andy and Michelle admitted they lacked direction and financial structure to obtain what they really wanted in retirement.

With Members Alliance Australia’s help they were able to take action and put a plan in place which allowed them not only to secure their retirement goals, but also to provide them with the choice to be able to do it almost three years earlier.

Secure a Comfortable Retirement with Members Alliance Australia

Hi! My name is Ben, and I am from Members Alliance.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting and assisting Mr and Mrs C. Like a lot of people I’ve met, Mr and Mrs C had recently built their dream home however their bank had set up their mortgage to the banks advantage – large loan amount, huge monthly commitments and what seems like a never ending repayment period. Mr C had become so frustrated with their situation that he had taken a new job away from the family, purely for the larger pay packet, with the thinking that they could increase their minimum monthly commitment  in an effort to make a dent on the mortgage.

By providing Mr and Mrs C with the right knowledge of how their finance should be structured, they were able to deal with their cash flow and guarantee a correct financial structure in the process.

Their projected results were outstanding with a substantial reduction in the timeframe to pay off their family home, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in mortgage repayments that was going to their bank, but is now able to be utilised for themselves and their children.

What really cemented their strategy for Mrs C was the time taken to explain their position, an individual solution moving forward and the ongoing tools and support to keep them on track to achieve their goals.

Mr and Mrs C are now looking forward to owning their dream home outright and securing a comfortable retirement with the knowledge that they have a strategic partner, Members Alliance Australia, who is local, available and here for the long term.

Members Alliance Talks on How to Retire In Style (or at least in comfort)

Too many people leave their retirement planning years up to chance and this is why they can’t sustain comfortable lifestyle after they stop working. It always comes as a surprise when retirees realise that they have not made enough provision to allow a way of life they are accustomed to. Considering such scenario, how can we constructively think about retirement? What do we need to do so we could retire in comfort? Members Alliance tells clients how to retire in style, read on.

It is definitely obvious that the earlier you plan and invest for your retirement, the better. While contributing towards a pension plan is an absolute necessity these days, don’t think it will be enough to secure a reasonable income in the future. For you to maintain a steady inflow of cash after retiring, you have to look elsewhere. Once you see that most of your wealth is coming from investment income than from employment or savings income, it will then be ideal for you to be an early retirement investor.

Once you start your investment portfolio you will have to review it regularly together with a professional financial adviser so you will be able to determine if you are qualified to retire at the age you have planned on. In the event that your retirement investment is not sufficient, consider working a few more years so you can establish sustainable additional funds.

The point in all of this is that in order to retire comfortably, you must plan ahead and take action. To find out more about retirement planning, contact Members Alliance Australia at 1300 673 288.

Members Alliance Reveals What to Look For in a Mutual Fund

Trying to find the appropriate mutual fund can be very frustrating. With hundreds of options currently available, picking out the right one is like searching for a needle on a bundle of haystack. So, how does one analyse and choose the right mutual fund? What are the important things that must be considered?


This is probably the most obvious starting point. Numerous mutual funds require unreasonable fees which can literally eat up your investment returns. Avoid them! Look out for funds that offer no-load options or load-waived options that are provided by professional financial advisers. You should always make sure a mutual fund of your choice keeps its fund expenses low.

Long-Term Record

Your preferred fund must have a long-term record of surpassing similar funds. This will justify that the fund is capable of prospering in both good market and undesirable economies that has higher than average rate results. Of course, funds that are new in the market can equally perform well but working with established fund managers and finance experts from Members Alliance can give investors extra comfort.

Low turnover ratio

Finally, follow David’s advice and choose mutual funds with low turnover ratio. This ratio will tell you what percentage of total investments are bought or sold every year. High or more than 50% ratios should be avoided at all costs as they indicate short-term strategies.

If you want to know more about financial returns, income tax strategies and investments, contact Members Alliance Australia at 1300 673 288 or visit their website.

Secure Your Retirement with Members Alliance

Hi, this is Ben from Members Alliance!

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting and assisting a client named Cheryl. Like so many people I see, Cheryl had been busy working hard and raising her family. She had not turned her attention to her financial situation in any great detail, only to know that her workplace was paying super, she was plugging away at her mortgage and she assumed she was on track to retire in ten years.

After our first meeting, Cheryl had some hesitation in making any changes to her financial structure, however upon seeing the real projections and understanding her true financial position, Cheryl admits she really should have paid more attention to her situation a long time ago and could have been a lot more focused on wealth creation.

I helped Cheryl move past her procrastination with a direct pathway to achieve her retirement and debt reduction goals.

By providing Cheryl with a clear understanding of how her finances should be structured we were able to work through her cash flow and ensure a correct financial structure going forward. I worked closely with Cheryl over many weeks, we had many conversations to address her nerves and I was able to provide general re-assurances when she felt confused. Ultimately, Members Alliance has facilitated a comfortable retirement for Cheryl, one she is excited about, and her children are proud she is doing something.

As a single woman, the fear of moving out of her comfort zone was high with the added distraction of initial 3rd party advice from friends and family. The support of the Members Alliance team really provided the assurances for Cheryl to commit to her future and proceed with her strategy. I am confident Cheryl will remain on course and be on target to reach her retirement outcomes.

Cheryl is now looking forward to a comfortable retirement and feels secure knowing Members Alliance Australia have her best interests in mind. She has even gone on to refer a friend to use our services, which we take as a great compliment.

Members Alliance Provides Effective Debt Reduction Strategies to Clients

Hi! This is Shane from Members Alliance.

I had some clients come in to the office last week, their names were Frank and Sue. Now Frank and Sue like so many other Australians, work long hours, have kids to raise, and have a very hectic lifestyle. They have just been living life from day to day, not really looking into the future or even worrying about retirement. They have not really looked at their financial position in years, but when they did, they were horrified with what they saw.

Over the years, Frank and Sue had managed to accumulate themselves a lot of consumer debt. They had a car loan, a personal loan for a pool, credit card debt and a hefty mortgage that they had not been focusing on and have just been paying the minimum monthly payment for nearly 15 years. All these little things had been adding up over the years until it got to a point where they just felt as if they were on the credit treadmill and had no idea how to get off. In other words they were really struggling to keep their heads above water.

Now the other concern they had was that because they have been living life for now, they were not focused on the future or their retirement. In their current structure, they had 15 years left on their mortgage but wanted to retire in 10. They only had $200,000 in super to fund 25 years of retirement. Something just didn’t add up.

After our first meeting Frank and Sue were really excited about what they could possibly achieve. By giving them a clear understanding of how their finances should be structured, we were able to work through their consumer debt and cash flow problems and provide them with a correct financial structure that worked for them and allowed them to start achieving their financial goals.

Not only were they able to payout the home loan in 6 years instead of 15, they also will be able to have extra funds for retirement which was their number 1 goal.

Frank and Sue said they feel like they have had a huge weight lifted off their shoulders and can now start enjoying life instead of worrying and stressing about what to do about their finances and retirement. They said they now have peace of mind in knowing that Members Alliance is working hard for them, and is there for support and reassurance whenever they need it.

Members Alliance Australia is a leading finance specialist firm and has been in service since 2005. They provide many financial services to clients, including debt conversion and debt reduction, wealth creation, home loans, property investment and other services tailored to secure client’s financial future.

If you would like to talk to Members Alliance about your finances, give them a call now. You may reach them at 1300 365 731 or visit their website at

Members Alliance Helps John and Ann Plan for a Better Retirement

When the call came from Members Alliance offering John and Ann an opportunity to explore some options that could help them reduce their debts and plan better for retirement, they felt they had nothing to lose and everything to gain by speaking to the Members Alliance In Home Consultant.

During the in home meeting with the Members Alliance In Home Consultant, it became evident that John and Ann had some clear goals to achieve in their retirement, which was still far enough away to plan for, but close enough for them to worry. Both of them agreed that they needed to act sooner rather than later, to ensure their goals were achieved; they also realised that they did not have any real plans in place. They both agreed that it would be very beneficial for them to attend the office meeting, to explore the possibilities.

John and Ann attended the Members Alliance meeting with an open mind and a realisation that they had to improve their financial situation. They told the Members Alliance In Office Consultant they had been considering this for quite some time and frankly – by their own admission – did not know how to fix it or who to ask for help.

During the in office meeting with the Members Alliance In Office Consultant, John and Ann discussed their financial frustration and their plans to enjoy financial security and a comfortable retirement. Unfortunately their plans really only involved paying off their mortgage as quickly as possible. During the same meeting, it was obvious that both of them realised that they were being offered a lifeline.

As a result of John and Ann embracing the Members Alliance program in full, the term of their current mortgage will be reduced from 27 years down to 5 years, saving them over $300,000 dollars in mortgage payments. These savings have been achieved by restructuring their mortgage into a flexible loan facility so as to free up some of their income to be used in the debt reduction strategy. Members Alliance also provided assistance to them to release some available equity from their home, to use for strategic investments to bolster their income and provide for the much needed tax benefits.

As a result, John and Ann will enjoy tax savings in excess of $200,000 resulting from them undertaking the Members Alliance program.

It was very crucial for them that not only was their future taken care of, but the future of their children. They will now be able to provide some financial support to their children when they will need it most.

John & Ann are now very confident that their future has been secured and very happy knowing Members Alliance will be with them all the way. They have told their friends and family about the benefits of the Members Alliance program and have already begun to refer our services.

Members Alliance Australia, is an leading finance specialist firm, giving clients with a number of financial services. They specialise in debt conversion and debt reduction strategies, wealth creation, cash flow restructuring methods, financial planning, and many other services designed to further enhance the financial capability of its clients.

If you would like to consult Members Alliance about your finances, you may give them a call at 1300 365 731 or you may visit their website at